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Art. 13 Art. 13 Reg. UE 2016/679 – GDPR


The SERAPHIC PROVINCE OF ST. FRANCIS OF THE ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR, as the titular holder of the personal data processed, within the meaning of art 13 of the General Regulation on the Protection of data – Reg. UE n. 2016/679 provides the following information in respect of such processing.

This Privacy Policy refers exclusively to the following sites:

  • Official site of the Friars Minor of Umbria – www.assisiofm.it
  • Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli – www.porziuncola.org
  • Edizioni Porziuncola – www.edizioniporziuncola.it
  • Biblioteca Porziuncola – www.bibliotecaporziuncola.it
  • Servizio Orientamento Giovani (SOG) – www.fratisog.it
  • Libreria Internazionale Francescana – www.libreriafrancescana.it
  • Antica Farmacia Porziuncola – www.anticafarmacia.porziuncola.org
  • Domus Pacis – www.domuspacis.it
  • Congressi Assisi – www.congressiassisi.com
  • Parrocchia di Santa di Maria degli Angeli – www.assisiparrocchiasma.it
  • Parrocchia Sant’Antonio, Terni - www.santantonioterni.it
  • Santuario di Chiesa Nuova – www.assisichiesanuova.com
  • Santuario di San Damiano – www.santuariosandamiano.org
  • Santuario di Santa Chiara – www.assisisantachiara.it
  • Santuario del Sacro Speco di San Francesco – www.sacrospeco.com
  • Casa Monteripido – www.casamonteripido.it
  • Web App Frati Assisi – www.fratiassisiorg


The circular does not relate to other sites, pages or online services which are reachable through links published on this site but  which concern entities apart from the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M.


Titular holder of processing

The titular holder of the processing of your personal data is THE SERAPHIC PROVINCE OF ST. FRANCIS OF THE ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR (referred to hereafter as “The Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. or “Titular holder”) with its office at ASSISI (PG), piazza Porziuncola 1, Fraz. S. MARIA DEGLI ANGELI, 06088, C.F./P.I. 00160170544, email privacy@assisiofm.it


Navigational Data

This site collects data necessary for the navigation and function of services to which it is linked. For further information consult our  Cookie Policy.


Data sent by the User

The optional and voluntary use of electronic and/or paper communications to addresses indicated by this site involves the consequential acquisition of the address of the sender, which is necessary in order to reply to requests, as well as the other personal data sent.

Personal data (for example, name, surname, e-mail address) can moreover be furnished by the user and consequently acquired by the The Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. through the filling in of forms present on the site (eg. Contacts, Newsletter, Prayer Requests, Enrolments to courses/spiritual exercises, etc....)


Purpose of processing data

Personal data is processed by the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. for the following reasons:

−    To reply to requests by users;

−    To provide services requested by users;

−    To fulfil legal obligations, rules and Community regulations to which the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. is subject;

−    To send communications of an informative or promotional character on events, activities, services and initiatives suggested by the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M.   

Some data may be used in anonymous form by the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. to add to its historical archives and for statistical purposes.   


Legal basis for processing

The processing of personal data by the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. is founded on the following legal bases:

−    Execution of a contract to which the interested person is a party or execution of pre-contractual measures adopted on his /her request;

−    Fulfilment of a legal duty to which the Titular holder who is doing the processing  is subject;

−    Prevailing legitimate interest of the Titular holder who is doing the processing;

−    Consent of the interested party.


The discretionary and compulsory nature of providing personal data

In order to reply to your questions or provide for your requests, the provision of personal data is necessary: in its absence the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. would not be able to reply or provide you with the services requested.

Providing personal data is compulsory in order to fulfil legal duties.

Providing personal data for the commercial and information reasons is discretionary, but in its absence the Seraphic Province would not be able to inform you about events, courses, initiatives, offers and promotions of the Friars Minor of the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M.   


Processing method

Processing of data occurs both through paperwork and electronic means, involving the use of the suitable tools and procedures to guarantee security and privacy. Processing does not imply the transfer of data to countries outside the European Union. If that should become necessary, the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. declares as of now that such a transfer will only come about in line with the law regulating the use of personal data.   


Duration of processing

Personal data will be processed:

−    Until reaching the objective for which the personal data is processed

−    Within the limits strictly necessary for the fulfilment of legal obligations to which the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. is subject;

−    Until the legitimate interest of the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. in the processing concludes;

−    Until consent is revoked, where processing depends on that consent (revocation however has no impact on the legality of the processing carried out prior to the revocation).


Receivers of your personal data

For the purposes outlined above your personal data may be communicated to:

−    Employees and individuals however described involved in the organization of the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M.  limited to what is strictly necessary to the carrying out of their tasks;

−    Entities, public or private, who may access the data through a law, regulation or Community norm, within the limits of what is envisaged by such laws;

−    Third parties, within the limits that are necessary to carry out their duty on behalf of the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. with a prior letter imposing upon them the duty of privacy and security in respect of the data;

−    Other parties, to which the contractual or other legal obligation in force provides for a duty of communication.

Your personal data will not be released by the Seraphic Province of St. Francis O.F.M. except with your explicit consent.    


Rights of the interested party  (arts. 15-22 GDPR)

By reason of articles 15 to 22 of Reg. UE n. 2016/679 – GDPR you have the right:    

−    To revoke at any time the consent given. Revocation of consent does not impact upon the legality of the processing  carried out prior to the revocation;    

−    To access your own personal data to obtain information of the data processed;

−    To check the accuracy of the data and ask for its correction or updating;

−    To object to the processing of personal data when it comes upon a legal basis other than consent. Further details on the right to object are given in the following section below;

−    To limit the processing. In this case the Titular holder will not process the data for any other reason other than its conservation;

−    To secure the cancellation of your personal data, when the conditions indicated by the law apply (for example if such processing is illegal);

−    To receive your own personal data or have it transferred, where technically possible, to another Titular holder. This right may be exercised when the data has been processed by automated means and the processing is based on the interested party’s consent, on a contract to which the interested party is a party or on contractual measures connected to it;   

You can also make a complaint to the Italian Data Protection Agency (Garante Privacy) or have recourse to the judicial authorities.

Details of right to object
When personal data is processed in the public interest, in the exercise of public powers with which the Titular holder is invested or to pursue a legitimate interest of the Titular holder, the interested party has the right to object to the processing for reasons connected to his/her particular situation. If personal data is processed for a direct marketing purpose, the interested party may object to the processing without providing reasons for it.


Exercise of rights

You can exercise the above mentioned rights at any stage by sending an e-mail to the following address privacy@assisiofm.it or by a registered letter to PROVINCIA SERAFICA DI S. FRANCESCO O.F.M. - UFFICIO COMUNICAZIONI, piazza Porziuncola 1, Fraz. S.MARIA DEGLI ANGELI, 06088 - ASSISI (PG).